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Drill effect with VehicleComponentRotation

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This is a rather niche question but if anybody can give me even a vague pointer in the right direction, that'd be great as I'm a bit unfamiliar with how to tackle these sorts of problems.

I have a horizontal, spiral shaped vehicle component that I want to "spin" like a rotating drill without moving the drill itself from the position it is facing. Like this:


The problem is that using setVehicleComponentRotation on a basic clientrender event moves the ENTIRE drill either left, right or up and down and I'm not sure of how else to emulate this "drilling" effect. I'm sure it should technically be possible but I've no idea how to go about it. I realize it might be a bit of a difficult question, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Does this have to be a vehicle component ? 
If not you can create an object attach it to vehicle and apply rotation to abject when vehicle moves?

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