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Founded in 2011 by Dennis (UniOn) and UniQ, CSG was released in July of 2012. On the release, CSG experienced a peak of around 300 players which overloaded the budget VPS at the time. Needless to say, the release was highly anticipated as it received a lot of hype around C*T, the largest server at the time, and still today. The average player count was a lot less than 300 but the server still had a loyal player base, which was not anywhere near small. The server was continually developed in versions, from beta, to 1.x and to the final 2.x versions. However, development on CSG took a radical turn in 2013 when Will and Callum took power of CSG. They began to clone features of S**R, and implement them within CSG. Soon after, Will leaked the resources publically and Sensei took CSG back. With the help of Soap, Sensei managed to salvage CSG. Sensei began to make even more radical changes to the server. He and Soap renamed it to NGC and began a major overhaul. The months that came after january and february of 2014 was the known as the Gold era And After 6 months The server got closed For unknown reasons Then NGC reopen with new owners (Epozide and Darkness) and change the name to ''Aurora'' and its mean the new era , and last year Aurora Has been closed for unknown reason and in January 11 Aurora being reopen by 

(Ab-47, Curt, Joseph, Darkness) 

In-game, AuroraRPG contains most of the aspects of what an RPG server should have. RP, groups like Military Forces or 525th Street Meadows always work to create that RP atmosphere. TDM, you can always go to LV and get involved with some team deathmatch, criminals against cops fighting for radio towers and such. Or even mini-games, developer by our finest developers to let you have some fun in the middle of all of that.


The police officers, military and some other groups work together in order to arrest criminals in Los Santos who have committed crimes or to fight in LV and fight for turfs or radio towers if they decide to get into some TDM. Police officers who think they're worthy enough to join a group and improve their policing skills usually, come on forums and then apply for a group. MF and such. They usually work in teams in order to achieve anything like arresting bigger groups or criminals or securing a certain area.


The criminals. LV is where like cops they get involved with some TDM. Fighting for turfs and such. But the real criminality is in LS, this is where people work to earn stuff. You can join a gang, make one or just be a free lancer. Usually, those who know how to lead have a gang which is realistic. Realistic gang deals and such or if you don't follow certain terms, you might expect a drive-by. You make your name in LS and you become a boss, not scripted,  not a title. People recognise you as a boss if there is anything that people should be afraid of that is coming off you.


This was the most brief introduction of AuroraRPG because the actual experience from the moment you log in game and see what actually happens there.  Maybe you will choose to be the biggest criminal and intimidate people. Or join the police force, maybe the military if you pass the selection and fight the bad in San Andreas.



  • Login panel: An advanced UI and simple interface to make it easier for the player
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Groups System: Simple UI that allows players to understand the system faster, it contains alot of features for the leaders.
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Userpanel (F1):  which contains Documentations, Last Login , Staff List , Weapon Skills , Updates
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Banking System: Realistic banking system, which is a unique idea that hasn't been used before, the banking system is synchronized with players' accounts using a specific PIN Code that the player should enter.
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Turfing System: for a better CnR experiance we offer you the best choice which is turfing, for law and criminal sides
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Fuel System: We tried to make this as much realistic as we could so we made a fuel system which synchronizes fuel refilling with vehicles type 
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Housing System:  have your own house.
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Drugs System: each one of  Drugs have different effect on the player.
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  • Rooms: many game mode  in same server.
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  • Dance System: many new dances 
  Reveal hidden contents
  • Phone System: SMSs, Money, Games etc.
  • mtasa://
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This is a pretty good server with interesting RPG scripts crafted over many years. I think a lot of players would enjoy it if they give it a chance. :) Good luck to the admins.

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