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A Few 360 Degree Screenshots


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print them out veary large, and use it as wall-decoration in your entire room 8) that will be cool!

actually .. i have this one on my wall

shot at a belgium festival RockWerchter


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well thats basically the way its hanging in my room too.. cuz ive done that in pictures and not with photoshop or other tools :P .. and it was pretty tough getting most of those people to stand still :P

(the official excuse btw is the tool i had then kept crashing on so much files .. its a old image ;) )

but thanks

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how did you make them pics anyway?\

just today i was attempting to make some 360 deg screens that actually fit together, end to end, but couldnt find any way have a stable first person view that can be rotated w/o moving vertically

if i had a pad it would be easy :f

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use the scenery/buildings or other easy to spot things to keep aiming it horizontally .. its quitte easy to see if its horizontal or not .. look for jagged lines :P

(i dont have console either ;) )

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coz, did you actually try what you say or are those just your theories?

what you meen try ?

its my magnum opus

and i know how ive done my pictures :D








lol, nice work. only looks a bit... weird. :?

but it looks great in full-screen while sidescrolling

ps ..

i dont know if i can spam it here

but on my site i have all the pictures here ...

in the header scrolling automagically .. so

if you have trouble viewing these pictures in all their glory , look here...


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nvm coz, ithough only gamingcrazy posted pics so i was wondering if tour technique worked well

i like the top down view of the vegas strip, looks pretty crazy :o

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  • 3 months later...

It's like using panoramic mode on a digital camera. You hold the camera and take the first picture. Then you move the camera slightly to the right, until the far left of your picture matches up with the far right of the previous picture, then you take the picture. You do this 3 or 4 times and then the camera tries its best to thatch all the pictures together into one big one. Depending on how accurately you took the pictures will depend on how well the final images comes out. All coz did was using the panorama method, just take a screenshot then move the camera to the right and take another one, and then once he had got a full 360 degrees view he thatched them together (seemingly incredibly well) in Photoshop.

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