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Hello. My name is Deebs and i have been playing MTA since 2013. Today i tried to login and play MTA however i found myself banned and i will completely honest with you guys.

1 or 2 Years ago my brother got banned from MTA (we share same ip but not same serial) for using cheats (I dont know exactly what kind of cheats) and i got banned as well even though i had nothing to do with his cheats and i dont remember who did we get unbanned. And now i tried to log-on and found myself banned and the title of the ban is "***** CHEATERMAN - greetings to ****" (there was names in the title but i blurred it)

My serial is AF99E85DEB3F5741110DC6021A7FF0E2 and the IP will provided in private 


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

I've been thinking of the easiest way to put this, but let's give it a shot.

Your 'brother' (for my reply let's assume true.. true or not, you can imagine we often hear this) is a problem for MTA, because he is playing on a highly competitive server, CIT (in CIT LV which is even more competitive) and being part of a small group of people that you can find on any game where there is a high level of competition and serious stakes: cheaters.

The thing is, on MTA the border for cheating is extremely high and most cheat devs already cannot even deliver a product, with AC being too strong. As MTA gets ahead of them, it gets to the point of sort of taking the kind of person of which most wouldn't be spending their time hacking games, but much bigger stuff in the real world. There is always someone out there that has the skills required, who can, after much grinding, discover a vulnerability (method) that allows them to write a cheat. The saying goes: nothing is ever fully secure.

This group of people (3 to 4 CIT players - including "TucoS", another named "Kogar", and "Ammar" your 'brother') were so serious about their desire to cheat, that they resorted to hiring a private cheat developer, one that happens to also be skilled enough for the aformentioned. This small circle of cheaters is paying hundreds of dollars per working version, and they have already attracted & been supplied by this cheat developer a few years ago, including 2018 and 2019, getting banned and last chances multiple times.

We caught up with them again, yesterday they all got banned. But this time, the ban is permanent, as they haven't learned from previous bans (when they got caught with custom cheats as well) and cannot be expected to ever change. We are now also making an example of them.

It's obvious why MTA would want to ban this group of people for good. They are not welcome on MTA anymore after what happened several times. Their sweatiness when it comes to their desire and quest to cheat is also disgraceful, the example we are setting is mostly aimed at any of such niche groups at highly competitive servers, that would want to also hire a personal cheat dev to try and do something. It is to say that nothing is ever really undetected, undetectable and that anything leaves traces to AC, especially if it works. That we really are taking a more severe approach to any such individuals, it truly is malicious and hideous.

Now you can understand why we would ban them forever. But on to you, as (if) a brother.. we also took further measures to ensure they will not ban evade and return. These measures can't be fully effective unless, besides for technical reasons we can't describe for security reasons, we also eliminate any physical possibility of them accessing MTA (like on 'your' PC) - even more so, we already know he (Ammar) used the PC with serial

6 hours ago, Deebs said:


in the past, and even behind that we wouldn't take the 'brother' claim, because brother loyality (to let him play, eventually give your PC to him, things like that) would stand in the way of our decision to ensure these people won't evade their bans and return to MTA. But again, i already know this PC is regularly shared between you and him, so that flag doesn't even have to get raised.

MTA has a serious stake to remove these people, including that being so sweaty about the ability to cheat in a very competitive server also means they would be equally sweaty about evading their bans and going on with their day (they have demonstrated to be willing to go very far).. we are really just removing them from our game for good now. And no you can't choose your brother (a cheater), so even if you were acting in good faith I am sorry to inform we can't change anything to this situation. Ban appeal denied.

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