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First of all, hello, I was banned unlimitedly until about 1 year before the game, I accept that I deserve to be banned, the action I did was very wrong. Although I apologized and apologized so much, I realized that he did not forgive me, but 1 year has passed, I regret it was the only game I played, please give me one last chance, everyone deserves the last chance. I promise you that I will not make these mistakes again, everyone stays at home due to corona restrictions. This is the only game I can play please forgive me. thanks for reading

Kairos -




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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

You will get 1 last chance, don't mess it up (stay away from the activities described in your original appeal, as there won't be another chance in the future). It means play like a normal DD player, fairly, without lagswitches or other tools to gain unfair advantage.. and don't work on creating and spreading such tools again.


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