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Errors while connecting server..Pictures Attached

Dorik Fred


I'm new to MTA. When I start the game, this error shows up. (Open the link for screenshot)


I click No and somehow the game launches through MTA. When I search a server and double click to connect, game closes and this error shows up. ( Open the link below for Screenshot). Pls help


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Both of these things are caused by having a too modded GTA installation. The first one indicates it, but then the second (that crash at gta_sa offset 0x003F0BF7) is due to a bad vehicle model (that offset is listed in Famous crash offsets and their meaning page).

If as you say it happens no matter which server you try to connect to, then clearly it's your GTA mods and not the server mods.

I advise you to simply reinstall GTA SA with a clean, unmodified version of the game. MTA is only guaranteed to be supported on it, and this will provide you the best and most stable experience.

@Dorik Fred

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