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I got banned because of ENB.

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**I downloaded a project based on MTA NextRP. After that I installed ENB on the advice of one of my friends. I went into the game and as soon as the setting panel appeared, I was given a ban forever, as if due to cheats. Most of all I did not install the ENB files correctly. I am an honest man. I am a leader on the RPBOX project and I had no intention of using cheats. Request to issue an unban.**

My serial number - DEA6A3A1F7FE376C175E2387C63FD283

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

I see you combined multiple lies.. no, you aren't a leader of RP BOX project, and you tried to cheat on a fork (RP BOX).

Everyone knows forks have an extremely weak anti-cheat, but that sometimes we help them out and add detections & do banwaves. In this case, you tried to run an already-detected cheat for forks, nothing with ENB.

Wait for the ban to expire

Also, you're just another ordinary mass cheater on forks (changing serials on them is very easy). I have recently been ending the 'career' of some forks cheaters, by making it impossible for individuals to keep doing that (add the regular MTA serial security to them).. therefore, now you will be unable to change away from 1 of your recent serials: F4F9474D562F748B50B27D833A300583 (I hope that a ban from the forks you cheated on, is tied to it..)

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