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Role play server workbot/script

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I’m trying to figure out where to start or even find some sort of a script/module to use on a role play server. What I mean is, a bot that, when used, it’ll follow paths (like driving to a location to deliver a package) and do the simple tasks like driving back to the origin and other destinations. I have no clue how to script but I really want to try and make a bot that will work for me. 

Don’t tell me to not make a bot to work for me on a role play server. I know this isn’t what role play servers are made for.

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14 hours ago, slipn said:

Don’t tell me to not make a bot to work for me on a role play server. I know this isn’t what role play servers are made for.

I would never tell you that - to the contrary, bots were too underused in MTA last time I checked, and I don't know how much the situation has changed since then (it was long ago though). If you want to make bots that perform tasks, that's great. However, if you're not a scripter, it won't be that easy.

MTA provides functions for low level control of bots, such as setPedControlState. The good thing about it is that you can make the bot do anything. The bad thing is that this "anything" has to be made from primitive actions. Making a bot drive from point A to B by setting acceleration, braking and steering controls takes a considerable amount of effort.

The scripts that @IIYAMA posted links to, may help you. npc_hlc provides scripting functions for higher level controls and takes care of control states for you - so instead of calculating the angles and telling the bot "steer left/right and accelerate", you can tell it "drive to that point". npc_tseq is basically a GUI for npc_hlc. It allows you to create peds and assign tasks to them via GUI.

However, even those scripts only have fairly primitive tasks. You can tell the bot to "drive straight to that point" or "drive along that line", but you can't just provide the destination position and have the bot drive there while following the roads. That is, no pathfinding. Meaning you have to put a bunch of "drive along line" tasks into one path. If you have a fixed set of source-destination pairs, you can retrieve the coordinates manually and build sequences out of them. But if you need the bot to travel between arbitrary points, then you have to do pathfinding, which is a problem if you have no scripting experience.

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