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Crashings during the game



Hi, my game is crashing. This is usually the case with tuning workshops. What could be the cause ? Here is the screen about the problem:

Crash gta_sa offset 0x001d85aa

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Crash when rendering a car environment map. Can be due to bad vehicle model

So either the server or your GTA installation has bad mods, it makes sense that it happens during something like that (as you mentioned, 'tuning workshops') as upgrades and shaders/textures being applied to a vehicle can trigger its corruption to be exposed. It remains possible that what's being applied by the workshop script in fact is what's corrupted

Forwarding this to the server owner (if it keeps happening after you re-install a clean GTA without mods) is the best you can do, as you won't be able to dig deeper then.

Not all information in this post will make sense to you, but it's to reassure a server owner that there's most likely a problem with a vehicle model or specifics in their modding / replacement script e.g shader - there is also a minimal chance that some players have a graphics setup, e.g GPU shader features or (bad) driver, doesn't support the environment map transform it's processing when it crashes.

0x001D85AA = CCustomCarEnvMapPipeline::CustomPipeRenderCB / CalculateEnvMap


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