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Damage to rhino?

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Hello , i've been trying to make rhino be damaged by RPGs or explosions and such, but it's hard to do it. 

'on ID S.W.A.T tank explosions work, they do the damage, but for the rhino idk why it doesn't. I didn't restrict any Weapon IDs for now to check if it really works. but still explosions do not work on rhino despite the event. 

local armoredVehicles = { [432] = true, [601] = true }

function warMachineDamage(attacker, weapon, loss, x, y, z, tire)
	local model = getElementModel(source)
    if weapon and armoredVehicles[model] then 
		triggerServerEvent ("damageWarMachine", source, source, attacker, weapon, bodypart )
addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, warMachineDamage)



addEvent( "damageWarMachine", true )
function damageWarMachine( vehicle, attacker, weapon, bodypart)
	local vehicleHealth = getElementHealth(vehicle)
	setElementHealth(vehicle, vehicleHealth - 500 )
addEventHandler( "damageWarMachine", root, damageWarMachine )

Does anyone know a workaround this?


maybe use onClientExplosion? and maybe onClientPlayerWeaponFire then define the weapon and the hitElement then trigger the event?

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