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[REL] SA-MP Map Loader

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This resources adds the ability to load your favourite SA-MP maps into the MTA-SA!



Even works on this kinds of crazy map



Resource Structure

  • sampobj - provides the core functionality to load the samp.img, cols & texture materials.
  • sampmap - SAMP Maploader, loads the map files either from specific format or SA-MP Texture-Studio file.


  1. places the sampobj and sampmap into your mta-resrouces folder
  2. in sampmap resources, find a file nammed sampmap.lua , it already contains a example map made by samp texture-studio (special thanks to author Unu Alex for the creation of this hard work.), you can add your own map under this file.
  3. start the resources sampobj and sampmap & enjoy, you can check out /testmap command to teleport you to the sample example samp map.



  • createSAMPObject(model_id,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz)
    • note the mode_id can be either sa stock object or an id from samp_model.
  • setObjectMaterial(object,mat_index,model_id,lib_name,txd_name,color)

Issues & todos in future

  • Currently the material color is somehow bugged, especially the one contains the alpha materials.
  • Drawdistance issue, due to the engine limitation the max distances viewdistance of a normal object is 300 unit, if your map contains the wide areas of custom samp objects, the far distances objects might not visible.
  • Currently no SetObjectMaterialText Support, i'll do it in the furture, do check up my github 😛
  • High Memory Useage, due to the MTA current don't have the support of server-side defined object ids, therefore inorder to keep the original samp model id works i did a big mapping array to keep the mta-allocated ids & orignal samp ids in relation. however the down-side is the high RAM use, it might needs to takes some further optimzation in the furtue.

Download & Github

Due to the limitation 20MB of MTA-Commnity resources, I've upload the whole project into the github.


Happy Mapping & Hunting😛 

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