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Something I deal with for years now.



Okay, so. Sometimes I encounter a really annoying issue. The game tabs out by itself, and everytime I tab on it again, it tabs out. Not only that, other tabs start flickering and constantly losing focus. It only gets fixed whenever I restart my PC. I tried to change video settings, and it does the same, I reinstalled MTA many times, it doesn't work. I tried all the ways to fix this issue. And it doesn't always happen, still happens usually. I start to doubt it has to do something with MTA since same thing happened with my vanilla GTA:SA. Do you guys and girls know any long-lasting, better yet a permanent solution?

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I've sorted the issue, checked the program activity and found out it is an issue with Hotspot VPN. I got rid of it.

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👋. Probably some background application is causing this issue. It is difficult to answer exactly.

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