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appeal ban mta:sa "MFT / FORKS CHEATER"

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F1D5A4329EA8EFDCCB8203E345DE39B3  -  what the ban was issued for. I'm not guilty!

Ban reason shown "MFT / FORKS CHEATER"

I am an honest MTA player. I have never used third-party programs or anything else. If I seriously violated something, then I beg your pardon!

update:  the same lock is now on my laptop, which I really did not do anything bad for the community mta and did not think about!

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serial number laptop - AC66093404A07F1BD4521B0CBFE42F34


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

As you may know from past ban waves targetting cheaters on MTA forks like NextRP, RPBOX, and MTA Province (which have a severely limited to nearly deactivated anti-cheat compared to 'official' MTA), we can occasionally help out forks by counteracting the cheaters that terrorize them.

This time, we (MTA anti-cheat team at the official MTA) has been the recipient of harrassment campaigns and illicit activities & testing of crap from the cheat developers part of such groups that provide cheats for forks (which I won't mention but you know which groups im talking about). Because these groups are frustrated from being unsuccessful in bypassing AC on the official MTA, as it's too strong for them.. and due to us interfering with them even on forks, they have resorted to harrassment of the AC team and false claims to pull down MTA.

In response, we have decided to start our own campaign to take out the trash (them, and the forks cheaters that they provide for), it is action reaction. We are once again also helping the forks during this operation, by helping them get rid of these people that destroy their game. You are 1 of them (the forks cheaters / someone connected to the aforementioned groups).

The only way to deal some damage to cheater structures in forks, is mainly to take away 1 of their most priced abilities: to change their MTA serials, much faster and easier than on the official MTA (where there's additional security against it). And also for some of them, us changing the serial of their 'legitimate (non cheating) playing PC' into their cheating serial, so that they will have to face the bans that they earned on the respective forks, and be exposed. Note that they are banned as individuals, so yes, even if you played both forks and 'official' MTA, or only either of them, and even if you had other PC's.. they may all be banned, as you as a person ain't welcome anymore.


You can thank yourself and your forks cheat providers for it. You're done, at least for now, until your lovely cheat providers release another way to evade your forks ban. The amount of frustration and surprise this (being really banned this time, without a guaranteed way to evade it with a serial change) will cause with people like yourself (the forks cheaters) to cause a rain of ban appeals, so this post will be a reply template for them.


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