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Script Error Access Denid ACL

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the next line throws me acl error, i'm starting to learn but i'm working on this, not really what is the label to put on the acl why use Work and follow the error
aclGroupRemoveObject (aclGetGroup(Trabalho), "user."..accName) 

Here is my code snippet

function Pedir_Demissao (source)
	local Trabalho = getElementData ( source, "Emprego" ) or "Desempregado"
	if Trabalho == "Desempregado" then exports.hy_info:showBoxS(source, "Você não está empregado para se demitir.", "error") return end
	setElementData ( source, "Emprego", "Desempregado" )
	exports.hy_info:showBoxS(source, "Você de demitiu do emprego de "..Trabalho.."", "info")
	local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( source ) ) -- get his account name
        aclGroupRemoveObject (aclGetGroup(Trabalho), "user."..accName)

this is the console error
Access denied @ 'aclGroupRemoveObject'

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You are using an element called source and you put a source element inside getAccountPlayer and you are using a source element, in which case I would change it to player to understand it better.

See the wiki for an example of aclGroupRemoveObject

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