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2 questions about (col and dff)

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The first question about

i maked map with unity and 3ds max 2017 

so i cut it to 4 city's

Ever part have (2M - 2.5M)

so what the limited the dff - col polys (i saw dff file have 3 million polys and work without any problems but some people say the limited is just 60k )


The second question about the col file 

i saw some vehicle from the game or just new car or airplane has door col with out any codes just dff and col file also txd file

So i searched and i found in col editor i can make part from the col file it can move but i don't know how

i talk about something i see it like this

in the 0:29 you can see the door was closed but when he open the door in 2:30 you will see what I talking about and in 3:52 he can get any car on it also when he closed the door anything will not getout from it


i know how to dff part in the vehicle move and make the door or any part move in mta but i don' know how to make the col move with him


i think it's first time someone ask this question in mta forum 

sorry if my language is bad or there is something wrong i typed


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I'm not sure the exact limit of polygons a DFF can have, but collision is limited at 32k vertices.

The andromada door can only move if the vehicle has a special flag in GTA code and a special component in its DFF.
The door collision pivots/rotates from the first two vertices that has the special collision surface material applied in the collision mesh. If you import the model, you can inspect how the materials and meshes are set up.

I speculate the plane is scripted to freeze once the player exits, so that vehicles and peds colliding with it does not cause the plane to move from its position.

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i think it wasn't like this

Because i saw in col editor in misc 

I can make this meterial can moved

Also i saw the meterial he moved have "moved items or something like this "

In col editor

And i saw like every vehicle have something like that



65 Car (moving component)
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