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turn off gui column transport

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It's a good question.

I've looked through the CEGUI properties from here which you can change with guiSetProperty.

But I haven't found any setting that turns off this behavior. 

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It writes something about it but this detail doesn't work for mta The reason I wanted to turn off this detail is because the player can get around code making by manipulating columns and I've tried almost all the features on the list, but none of them worked.


guiSetProperty(gridlist, "ColumnsMovable", "False")


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Yeah ok, so there is a property for it, but I can't get it working either.

There's a chance it was added in a later version (or maybe it never worked). MTA uses CEGUI 0.4.0, released 16 years ago.

I searched through the changelog, but there was nothing about it though.

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👋. There is a workaround to do it:

guiSetProperty ( gridlist, "ColumnsMovable", "True" )
guiSetProperty ( gridlist, "ColumnsMovable", "False" )


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hi I've tried these, they don't affect anything, again the columns can change places again


thanks sarrum! I got it wrong now it worked


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