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Get the html checkbox in lua

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I have created a login page

How can I receive the value of the HTML checkbox in Lua to store the name and password?

Thank you

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@Patrick I looked but it did not work

code html

function login() {
				var UsernameValue = document.getElementById("UsernameInput").value;
				var PasswordValue = document.getElementById("PasswordInput").value;
				var CheckValue = document.getElementById("loginSave").checked;
				mta.triggerEvent("Login", UsernameValue, PasswordValue, CheckValue);

code lua client

function Login(UsernameValue, PasswordValue, CheckValue)
username = tostring(UsernameValue)
password = tostring(PasswordValue)
UsernameValue = nil
PasswordValue = nil
CheckValue = nil

triggerServerEvent("attemptLogin", getRootElement(), getLocalPlayer(), username, password, CheckValue )

addEvent("Login", true)
addEventHandler("Login", root, Login)

code lua server

function login(client, username, password, checksave)
	if CheckValue == true then
		triggerClientEvent(client, "saveLoginToXML", client, username, password)
		triggerClientEvent(client, "resetSaveXML", client, username, password)
addEvent("attLogin", true)
addEventHandler("attLogin",  getRootElement(), login)

code savelogintoxml

function saveLoginToXML(username, password)
	local xml_save_log_File = xmlLoadFile("userdata.xml")
	if not xml_save_log_File then
		xml_save_log_File = xmlCreateFile("userdata.xml", "login")
	if (username ~= "") then
		local usernameNode = xmlFindChild(xml_save_log_File, "username", 0)
		if not usernameNode then
			usernameNode = xmlCreateChild(xml_save_log_File, "username")
		xmlNodeSetValue(usernameNode, username)
	if (password ~= "") then
		local passwordNode = xmlFindChild(xml_save_log_File, "password", 0)
		if not passwordNode then
			passwordNode = xmlCreateChild(xml_save_log_File, "password")
		xmlNodeSetValue(passwordNode, password)
addEvent("saveLoginToXML", true)
addEventHandler("saveLoginToXML", getRootElement(), saveLoginToXML)

Thank you

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Is "Login" event triggered on client side?

And make sure login() function called in JS. You can use console.log("") to print out something to /debugscript 3 (Just enable development mode first: setDevelopmentMode with 'enableWeb')

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