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Global ban

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Hello, i got ban for serial changing. I admit it and say I was stupid. I don't want to replace the entire computer to play Mta again. My serial is 49C10659C8FBD3EA8D48EE8B2B9D3E44.

Regards and I hope for consideration.


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

I don't believe you are really sorry, because you've been doing it for months (if not longer) and only appealed now that after a while of being able to play unnoticed with yet another changed serial.. decided it was time for another serial change, which got you caught and banned again.

But i am willing to give you a last chance - we have fixed your serial changing method, and corrected all of your changes / serials to your old main serial BB082685F06942B6246DF61C1D7A9EF4. Now you are unbanned.

If you come anywhere close to activities related to serial change (attempts) in the future, you will get a permanent ban without any new chances. So be careful and learn from it, @icz666

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