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Remove the 3 big cities of san andreas

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By "remove only the 3 big cities", do you mean remove the cities but keep the rest of the map? Then I suggest you make a list of object model IDs and positions to be removed, then loop through that list and call removeWorldModel for each entry. But building the list itself is the hard part. I don't know if MTA map editor has any functionality that helps this. If it doesn't, then there are several things you can do.

You can use some GTA SA map editor to pick out the objects.

You can take the IDs and positions directly from .ipl files in GTA SA data.

processLineOfSight returns model and position of the world object if it hits one. You can either use it to pick out the objects manually or make a loop that goes through a large area and collects the object data. processLineOfSight won't work on objects that are not loaded so you have to make sure you are close enough to objects you're trying to pick. Another potential problem with looping over an area is that you may miss small objects, and if you shoot lines of sight more densely, it will take longer to process the whole area. But since that only needs to be done once, it's okay as long as all objects are detected. Or you can loop over the area, then go through it manually to pick the remaining objects.

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