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RolePlay server in 2021 ?

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Hi Guys,

What is the demand for a english let say 'modern' roleplay server which is only based on Los Santos map?
I checked the mta servers and I can't find any good roleplay servers on the MTA platform. 

If you are interested, I can share more information with you. 

Hope this question can stay here and I opened this topic in the correct place. 


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Hi h4v3r,

In MTA Discord we often see people looking for roleplay servers, and in all honestly it's my favorite gamemode.

There are already servers strictly bound to roleplaying, but I'm sure a few more would be welcomed from the RP community, especially if the server has potential to grow and establish a large playerbase.


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I really like the RP mode. I even played RP games other than MTA. I couldn't find a good RP server in MTA. I actually found it, but the server was not in English. I am looking for an English server to improve my English

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