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Hello im under the ban

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Dutchman what you want from me im good player not cheater stop abusing me for serial changing and other :~ i want to create my own epic server (multi rpg is :~ want to be better) I can sue you beacuse you lie of me im not cheater unban me you know my new serial from VM goodbye i give you last chance

Stop abusing me

Please last chance



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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team


We never said that you're a cheater, and your ban isn't cheating related - but being Liberty / Finciakk you know exactly why you received a permanent ban from MTA services. Huge summarisation: severe abuse and extreme troublemaking on MTA services, and major efforts to toxify the Polish scene and your followers to become just like you. And attitudes similar to those you are showing right here. Your behavior and actions made you no longer welcome on MTA, and this was a decision made by MTA staff team after discussing you together.. they agreed it was time for you to go.

After getting permanently banned, it only became worse and you even teamed up with other toxic people from polish scene like "Norelock" and others that did in fact have a cheat development background. You didn't team up to partake in that (well, let us assume/hope so) but to spread trashtalk about MTA in various ways together with them, including creating various GTA SA multiplayer mods like "RenderMP" / "SAnet" to symbolize your fight against MTA (not that we care about any such mods.. but it was toxicity because the prime goal was not to make a new MP mod succeed, they obviously didnt as it lacked spirit, quality and organisation.. but to send the news our way and try to make us react - so the intention behind it is relevant)

You were also still working together with those people when the 1 of them that is a cheat developer, found a vulnerability to use Lua injector and messed up some servers. Doesn't look too good on you either. So when it got patched, and you started finding out that your ban isn't as easy to evade as you believed (in the beginning you acted all like it wasn't a big deal for you to get banned, we had warned you very often and you escalated it to a permanent ban all by yourself) and you all started to crawl back to us and ask for forgiveness. I mean literally each member of your small toxic MTA-hate group (including your friends Norelock and Kuba / EjecT, the aforementioned cheat developer) has tried their luck.

And of course, trying to evade a global ban by serial changing can result in newer bans carrying that ban reason, even if you were already permanently banned like you. So don't use that in your story of nonsense either.

Now would you just piss off please, thanks. We don't care about your ambitions of creating a server project, you have messed up too much and too badly. Any banned person that happens to have plans to create something awesome, but who also got a permanent ban because they did bad stuff, doesn't just get unbanned for it. Let alone through making threats in their appeal. Well, now you found out that won't work either.

Ban appeal denied

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