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Knockback effect?

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Hi i'm trying to do a knockback effect, but instead idk how to calculate player's position, all i can do is to set him flying upwards which I want backwards, i want him to be thrown backwards wherever he's facing, like if he's facing north he will be knocked south, if im facing west i will be knocked east, how do I do that?


addEventHandler( "onClientRender",root,
	function( )
		local flying = getElementData(localPlayer, "knockback") 
		local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer)
		if knockback then 
			setElementPosition(localPlayer, x, y, z+0.5)



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function knockBack(distance)
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer)
    local _, _, r = getElementRotation(localPlayer)
    local angle   = math.rad(r - 90)
    distance      = distance or 1
    x             = x + math.cos(angle) * distance
    y             = y + math.sin(angle) * distance
    setElementPosition(localPlayer, x, y, z)



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