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[HELP] Vehicle speed

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I have a speedo that displays your vehicle's speed. I use getElementSpeed useful function to get the vehicle's speed in km/h.
I also have a handling editor (hedit) But something's not right. The maximum velocity that I set in the handling editor is not the same as on the speedo. I set maximum velocity to 100 in hedit, but on the speedo it appears to be ~120.
I made a speed limit script too. When you press a key, your vehicle's speed is locked to your current speed. The script modifies the vehicle's handling, but before doing it, it saves the current one, so it can be reversed by pressing the speed limit key again. The same problem appears: I limit the speed at x, but the speedo says it's faster. The speed locking and unlocking is working, but not at the correct speeed. Or is it the speedo's fault? What could be the problem? I have no idea.

Thanks for reading!

--SPEEDO obtain speed
local vehicleSpeed = math.floor(getElementSpeed(currentVehicle, 1))

local originalSpeed = getVehicleHandlingProperty(vehicle, "maxVelocity") 
setElementData(vehicle, "vehicleSpeedLimit", aspeed) -- aspeed is the vehicle's speed that I obtained from client side
setElementData(vehicle, "vehicleOriginalSpeed", originalSpeed)
setVehicleHandling(vehicle, "maxVelocity", aspeed)


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Hello and welcome to the Forums!

I just tested a little bit the maxVelocity handling on most of the sport cars (don't know if it will be the same on the other vehicles) and found out that setting the maxVelocity to 85.5 locks the max speed to exactly 100km/h.

It turns out that maxVelocity is not exactly the same as km/h value.
So yeah, hope this helps!

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I have no idea. I made some research, setting 85.5 for max velocity in the handling results in 100 km/h indeed. To maximum 200 km/h the handling must be 168.5. What's the logic in this? At low speed there are no differences, setting 10 in handling results in 10 km/h. But why are they different at higher speeds? And what's the logic in it, because I don't see any, just random numbers. 🤨

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