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At the beginning of the year i did a huge mistake.

We were constantly just trolled on SeeMTA. When we got the ban first time, we just found a simply way to go back, and play like before the ban. I never did something like that on any server, only on SeeMTA. This time was a very long time for make me find out, i was just a jerk.

I consulted with the Lead Admin (SuperAdmin)
 of the SeeMTA's admin team. He forgave me, and gived me a chance. ( I have a record about that. )

Thanks for reading, and I really hope I can get one last chance.




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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

You won't get any different treatment than the other people which were part of this severe abuse cycle

We have confirmed (with SeeMTA leadership) that they don't want you back, and that the video which you sent to MTA moderators "showing an SeeMTA administrator giving you permission to return" is deliberately misrepresenting the truth. That is because the OVH fire outage incident caused SeeMTA ban list to be lost, it's not a voluntary unban of all players so they do after all preserve the right to determine who still isn't welcome. That includes you, as I said has been confirmed with them. They said you're lying as well.

Anyways, it's not that relevant.. because we aren't an extension of bans from individual servers. All we care about is that you harmed server(s) on our platform, in a sustained way. We would have denied it anyways.

Just putting it all here, because I expect the "SeeMTA ban list data loss" will cause more of your buddies that also took part in the abuse cycle for which you got banned, to try their luck in ban appeals. None of them will be granted, just know that. We still don't currently have plans to remove any of these bans.

Not to forget that you (young0416) spammed MTA services in the past when it came to appealing your ban, showing a disgusting attitude. Yours will really never be removed at all. But you were already informed of that.


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