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I know it was very bad

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It's been a long time since I got banned. I know what I did was very immature and bad. I realized that it was pointless that I tried to explain myself even though you have access to everything and you know how it was. I am just ashamed of it now and am now able to say it openly. I've already written appeals and I know what your opinion is about them, but I just realized that apart from MTA I don't have any games that I enjoyed playing so much with such a well-coordinated community. I doubt you trust me, but you have reasons. I sincerely hope to get at least a chance to get back into the game again. The things I did were the worst, but I would like to leave this chapter behind and come back and play like a coveted player. In point - sorry for my all lies...


Serial: 7D6F165B1EA9901D505C091A6166F033

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

You appealed before here and here, but considering time passed and you put quite some effort in the multiple appeals, we will give you a final chance.

If you come anywhere near malicious activities again in the future, you'll be banned without getting any more chances. Unbanned @mrriver

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