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Bloquear comandos

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Como faço para bloquear esses comandos /almoto1 , /alpack1 , /almoney1 (quantidade)/alm41  ? 


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Welcome to the forums @Mr.Lenz.

Your thread has been moved into the Portuguese scripting section, as this is not an issue suitable for the international Client Support section. :)

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Testa aí e veja se vai dar certo:

local comandosBloqueados = {'almoto1', 'alpack1', 'almoney1', 'alm41'} --Adicione aqui os comandos que deseja bloquear

function onCommand (cmd)
	for i, comandoBloq in ipairs (comandosBloqueados) do
		if comandoBloq == cmd then
			cancelEvent ()
addEventHandler("onPlayerCommand",root, onCommand)
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