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My biggest mistake in my life...

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Dear MTA:SA moderator(s)!

Some month ago I got banned from your client for developing "Chat flooder". It was the worst thing that I did in my life because I love the game so much! It was my first and the last program that I ever created... I'm very-very sorry for this thing and lying. I know I did a very big prob. and I actually can do anything for an unban. I wrote 2 unban from an other account some month ago (I've lost my account). I hope, you can excue me! This time very hard for me by this pandemic because I always in home and I can't do anything. I won't do it again. I thinked about a lot of time and I know this way the worst wich I can use. 

Thank you for reading and sorry for My English!

My serials: 




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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Developers that write tools designed to harm MTA servers in malicious ways, can be banned. We want to protect MTA servers and users against malicious people like yourself.

But you will get a final chance. Even though i realize you appealed in the past here and here.

Next time you engage in abusive activities, there won't be one.

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