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[REL]Job and drugs system(Download Link)

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You can download the uncompiled version of this resources in: https://nicolasecm.com/trabajo-fabricante-de-drogas/

You can download the compiled version of this resources in This link

Discord : NicolasECM#9405

Version 1.0
This is a job that is obtained in the yellow blip, consisting of having plantations with possible improvements depending on the money of each player, when entering you will find plants that you can put to grow and at the end you will have the essential raw material for the subsequent manufacture of drugs In the job help panel (F7) (configurable from config.xml) in this panel you will find the exact location of each of the points where you can buy the remaining materials for the creation of the drug (gasoline, chemicals) already at enter the factory that can also be improved they will be able to find a machine in which they select the drug they want to create and then they have to wait for the first process to finish at the end of this they will have to add the chemicals as shown in the video and later receive a The exact amount depends on whether the amount of production improvements you have purchased, in order to use these drugs you can open the panel with the key (F3 for d effect) (configurable from config.xml) and each one gives a benefit to the players for 40 seconds

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