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[REL]Concessionaire and garage(download link)

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Hello friends, I will start to release some resources that I have created in order to help the community to improve their own resources with some of the codes that I have created, on my page you will find some resources that you can download for free, this resource have 2 versions, in the first i dont show the code but you can download the version 2.0

 In version 2.0 the interface was improved to see the information of the vehicles, the color selection was also added when buying a vehicle, a marker was implemented to save the vehicles when removing them, which has a control for Just save your own, an information panel was created inside the garage with the corresponding information, it was also added to be able to see the life, color and information of each vehicle that is inside the garage, only one vehicle is allowed outside, soon an updated improvement in which there will be a helipad and this will be improved more and more

This is my page and you can download the resource at this link


I hope I can be of help to some people who are starting in this, do not forget to subscribe and like it

Discord : NicolasECM#9405

this is the version 1.0


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