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functions to use to get number from edit box?

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Hello i'm tryna make a shop with a gridlist + editbox and a button smth like this:


So how do i get to get this work:

Ik i'll probably use guiGetText on the editbox but how do I make if in the editbox: 10, the event will trigger 10 times as well or the money needed on a single purchase would be multiplied by 10x and he will get 10x the amount of the single purchase.


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-- if you want to trigger something 10 or multiple times you can use "for" loop.

for i = 1, 10 do
	-- trigger your thingies

-- if you want to multiply something you will need to use the * operator.

local price = 1000
local amount = 10

function multiply(price, amount)
  return price * amount

print(multiply(price, amount)) -- should return 10000.
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So let’s say your item costs 5 and in the edit box you enter 3 so all you do is 

itemPrice * guiQuantity; (in our case 5 * 3 = 15)

also you should do if the editbox is empty

guiQuantity = 1;

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