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I want a new serial application (I don't speak English well, I'm from Hungary)

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I recently registered for the site!
The reason for my registration is clearly to ask for help as they are banned!
I want to go back to the server, I confess to you guys that I had had enough of those who ruined the role-playing game and I commented on them, the management didn’t like it and gave me an inherited ban. It made it impossible from all sides, nowhere can I ask UB and speak. Yet I didn’t break the rules, I didn’t spoil the play of others, I just said my opinion. I set an example on each Hungarian server, created fragments of experience and the like. I want to go back to the server because it is already missing.All the people I’ve met are all memories of that. That’s where I started everything, the first roleplayes. I want to come back, I do not care if I will be a beginner I do not care if I have nothing, friendship nails are the most important to me!

My Serial: A6A21A40E778D0C50B798874EDAB6753

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post: The server I'm talking about above is Hungary Life Mta - I've been playing on it continuously since 2016, I've experienced a lot, but I've visited other servers several times but I didn't like the community there. Thanks to Google for everything I wrote, if the translator brought strange or interesting sentences to life, I apologize for it!

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

MTA doesn't have power over bans on individual servers, the only way is to appeal your ban to server admins.

But i realize what you are trying to do here is cause us to believe you about some injustice, so that we want to help you evade the ban by issuing you a new serial.

The answer: we will never do that no matter what, asking for such things is actually forbidden on the MTA forums. If you are banned from a server, then the server owners/admins have the right to do so and this means you're no longer welcome on that server. It's their server, they can ban whoever they want and MTA won't get involved or help you. I advise you to find another server to play on. Besides that if you are really innocent and they banned you & won't unban you, it says enough.

On 05/03/2021 at 19:22, 4tr3uS said:

The server I'm talking about above is Hungary Life Mta

Appeal your ban/contact server admins on their website or forums


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