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[HELP] How to fix FPS drops what the script causes?

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I have a paintjob system, and when a player choose a paintjob from the panel and then he put on the car, the all players FPS drops 10-20 always for a few seconds...

How can i fix that?

This is the add paintjob part of my code:

function addVehiclePaintjob(vehicle, paintjobID)
	if vehicle and paintjobID then
		local availablePaintjobs = getAvailablePaintjobs(getElementModel(vehicle))
		if availablePaintjobs[paintjobID] then
			vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle] = {}
			vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle][1] = dxCreateShader("textureChanger.fx", 0, 100, false, "vehicle")
			vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle][2] = dxCreateTexture("textures/" .. availablePaintjobs[paintjobID][2])
			if vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle][1] and vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle][2] then
				dxSetShaderValue(vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle][1], "TEXTURE", vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle][2])
				engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(vehiclesWithPaintjob[vehicle][1], availablePaintjobs[paintjobID][1], vehicle)


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