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DFF Size Reduction ?


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1 hour ago, mono1 said:

you need to open the dff in your 3D modeling software, look at parts that are too high poly and optimize them

It takes an experienced modeller (which specialized themselves in low-poly modelling) to do that, at least for a significant impact while preserving the good looks of a model. They should be able to patch and remake surfaces that can't be optimized without damaging the surface/making it look bad.. potential for polycount reduction also depends on the model's nature (e.g was it a cheap rip from another game or not)

Unfortunately, there's a lack of good tutorials on reducing DFF size & polycount. Here's the only guide that comes close, but not close enough because it's still a bad guide: https://gtaforums.com/topic/889254-tutguide-how-to-reduce-dff-size-polycount-in-3ds-max/ ( @mrkey82 )

Maybe i will make a proper guide in the near future

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