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KbwKvCu.pngЗдравствуйте. Решил зайти на свой любимый сервер спустя 2 недели и увидел такое что у меня бан! Но за что я не знаю читами я не пользуюсь. Серийный номер получить не могу в игру не пускает.


8 сервер 


Евгений Стоякович 

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

CD46 is a kick from the server.. some servers and russian MTA forks use persistent kicks to ban players, instead of regular bans that would say "You are banned from this server".

In this case, you are seeing the text Этот аккаунт забанен! as kick reason, which translates from russian to: This account is banned! so this means you, or your account, has been banned by the server, or in this case, from the russian forked project known as "RP BOX"

Therefore, as this ban has nothing to do with MTA or us, we cannot help, and the only thing you can do is contact RP BOX administrators/support. As a non-russian i don't know the appropiate channels for that (RP BOX ban appeals), but i will do my best with the following list of their pages:

https://www.rpbox.ru/ > "Support" (ПОДДЕРЖКА)


- RP BOX discords listed at https://vk.com/topic-127960208_36385131

For example: https://discord.gg/v7n7K6Z3Zc and https://discord.gg/tStpXygFpS


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