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gsub player name


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Hello guys, I have a problem, I'm trying to hide hex colors from a grid list and it didn't work

    for id,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do
      local row = guiGridListAddRow(gridlist)
	  setTimer ( guiGridListSetItemText , 100 , 1 , gridlist, row, column, getPlayerName(player):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""), false, false ) 

any help please?

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You can use guiGridListAddRow to add a row and row data instead using the guiGridListSetItemText.

This should work:

for _, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do
	setTimer(guiGridListAddRow, 100, 1, playerList, getPlayerName(player):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""))

BTW if there are many players it's not really good (in performance aspect) to create timers when adding them in the gridlist like this.

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I prefer this useful function for such stuff:

function getPlayerFromNamePart(name)
	if (name) then 
		for _, player in ipairs (getElementsByType("player")) do
			local name_ = getPlayerName(player):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""):lower()
			if name_:find(tostring(name):lower(), 1, true) then
				return player 

Then it will be like this:

getPlayerFromNamePart(guiGridListGetItemText(gridOpenSenior, guiGridListGetSelectedItem(gridOpenSenior), 1))

PS: This function is used when you need to find a player by a part of his nick (i.e. in a command for something).

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