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[BUG] object does not give a correct result


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I tried created a road in using 3DS Max. when I finished I added Material Textures. On the way and after I extracted COL + DFF, since I don't have TXD, I tried to run COL + DFF by using functions on wiki mtasa. engineLoadCOL and engineLoadDFF but the problem did not come to me correctly really cracked my head I tried to discover a bug cuz the first time i'm use 3ds Max and did not find a solution, where trouble? how i fix that?

Screenshot 3DS Max:


Screenshot In-Game:


Only inside a game I see a small object that is incomplete and I am sure that I extracted them



Edit: when I just extracted cs_roadbridge04 and not specified them all and since I put all objects in -> cs_roadbridge04 I get the result, that's why. ?

Screenshot in-game:


Screenshot 3DS Max:


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