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New changes on the MTA forum site

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Suggestion is to make some changes to the MTA forum website. For example, it is better if the background is white, not black. And when you add someone as a friend, when members look online, their name will appear in dark color to distinguish them from others.




Here you will see that a player named EleMan is in my forum friendship. Because its color is different from others and is dark color. I think everyone will like it

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26 minutes ago, Tekken said:

Forum can be both black and white and also Night mode, but the friendship thing might be a nice idea.


15 minutes ago, Furzy said:

You can change to white and black. 

I prefer black 100%

The second idea is good.

I didn't know it was I can to change the background. Thank you very much

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25 minutes ago, Tut said:

Mövzu sayt hissəsinə köçürüldü.

Dostluq xüsusiyyəti İzləyicilərdən fərqli olaraq necə işləyə bilər?

For example. I added you to my friendship. Everyone will see you red when you are online, but I will see you dark red. 

It will only appear in the Who's Online panel and if I add someone to my friendship. It doesn't matter what color and if someone adds to each other's friendship, that color will look dark color



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