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zombiehunt p51 reloaded

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hello guys i could use some testplayers on my server.
i dig it from under the dust where i forgot it a few years ago.
i rescripted here and there...
It is main a zombie hunt server. 

But you can disable your "personal" zombies. 

There are bots achting like players. 

Every player has a clone(bot) that earns money and stuff for the player when using it. 

There are classes :human, alien, zombie(yes you can becomes a zombie), and some stargate related classes. 

It has drugs:create drugs, plant and harvest weed.. 

 gangs&turfwars to earn some more money. 

some basic rp like medic and mechanic. 

40 Inventory slots for weapons and 30 vehicles slots. 

Also there are stargate's to Explore other worlds😁

The off world game Play is different. 

You can have slaves working for you doing stuff like gahtering materials and food. 
feel free to join :


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