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* A taxometer from this resource has been added - https://github.com/DELOFRAM/cloudmta-mta/tree/3842d36b03e6055754d6501330f4a0e7343cc1a7/titan_taximeter

* Code improvement and optimization
* Improved driving style - better enters curves and turns.
* Added higher speed on highways than in the city.
* If a taxi is on the road, its "rooster" lights up - if it is standing, the "rooster" does not light
* If the taxi is on the road, we will charge you. - if there is an amount to be paid, it will not change.
* Vehicle registration is charged on the taxometer.
* Get the remaining distance displayed on the taxometer.
* Driver's name, currently hard-coded. (value does not change)

Big problems:

* I have to add more nodes to the route finder because sometimes it chooses the direction of movement wrong sometimes.


I don't know if everything is translated well, I don't know English well.


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