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core dump error


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when i start the game it gives me an error wich says:MTA has encountered an unrecoverable error and had to exit.....than it sends some kinde of error report!...but earlyer it sayd somrthing about couldn; finde core dump or somethimg like that

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Does it always happen when you start the game? I get that error sometimes but am able to play most of the time.

Here's some things to check in the meantime....

-Search this forum for your exact error message and read some of the other posts related to it.

-Make sure you have logged on to your PC with admin rights

-Check Video and Audio drivers are up to date (including DirectX)

Any joy? :D

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I'm having the same problems as you guys and I've searched for solutions here in the archives but I couldn't find any...

The problem happens after I've connected to a server... When I connected 100% the background music stops slowly and suddenly MTA/SA closes and two messages are shown on the desktop, just like here:


Plz help!!

For other informations that are needed to fix this problem plz ask!


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I think I've fixed the problem, well, actually I could fix it on my computer, but I don't know if it also works for you.. ;)

Here is what I did: I just have changed my german gta_sa.exe with an english/american .exe. After that I could play MTA and it all functionned very very well..

If you don't know where to find an english/american .exe, check this link and scroll down to the end of the page:http://m1007.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_gta_san_andreas.shtml

After that, download it and follow the instructions written there..

It would be nice if some of you would give me a feedback if it also worked on your computers.. ;)

Bye for now! :)

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