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Banned - Trainer


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Serial number: 07CAA0C02E9A7FDF559B3D85EF34A333
So my friend invited me to play MTA, First time in this game as you can probably see by my serial
Tried it for 2 days mainly the Pubg server, my friend told me he make a tool for this server and want me to test it...
at the moment I launched it I got instant banned. I admit that i've done something wrong and I got punished hard from it
Even my laptop got banned I've learned my lesson for sure to not try and do anything in this game, it's perfect as it is without any kind of modifications
Would love to get another chance if it's possible
Have a great day, David.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

You are engaged in cheat development activities, and not being honest about your intentions since even during the past hour (after posting this appeal) you were still working hard to bypass your ban, including testing your stuff in a cloud service (where it got detected and also resulted in a ban).

Let me tell you that cheat developers aren't welcome on MTA, and that you will fail, very hard. MTA anti-cheat will win.

Also yeah, don't lie by saying your friend only sent you something that got you banned, as we know that you're the main cheat developer.

Ban appeal denied, @PodMaster

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