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Forum and Discord Helpers

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What is a Helper?

Helpers are regular members of the Community who dedicate some of their time to help others. They are recognized by MTA for standing out as friendly and helpful support for scripting, technical and other topics.

Helpers serve as role models for the Community and are easily approachable for general advice, problem solving or pointing to the right direction. Helpers can move threads into the correct sections, but cannot assist with moderation, unless they are also a Moderator. They can be identified by their unique rank and colored name.


How can I become a Helper?

Helpers are recruited through invitation only. There is no way to apply for this role, however we are on constant lookout for, and pick members who provide solid, helpful advice over a longer period of time. To make communication easier between MTA Staff and Helpers, they have their own private channels to liaise and discuss general Forum and Discord issues.

It is required to have a Forum account in order to become a Helper, but there are no activity requirements.


List of Helpers


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