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[HELP] What wrong with custom font?!


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I don't understand why, but if i restart my script which contain a custom font, then the script show nonsense word instead of specified... Just a complete MTA restart fix it.

I'm talking about this problem:

Normally: spacer.png

After i restarted the script: spacer.png

No, I didn't change anything in the script, and the font added to meta.

This is the code:

local Roboto = dxCreateFont("Roboto.ttf",10)
local RobotoL = dxCreateFont("RobotoL.ttf",11)

dxDrawText("Kereszt #1", sx/2-65-10,sy/2-55/2+2, 0, sy/2-515/2+2+36, tocolor(255,255,255,255), 1, Roboto, "left", "center",false,false,false,true)
dxDrawText("Ár: 50.000 Ft", sx/2-65-10,sy/2+25/2+2, 0, sy/2-515/2+2+36, tocolor(255,255,255,255), 1, RobotoL, "left", "center",false,false,false,true)


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3 hours ago, Turbesz said:

No, I didn't change anything in the script, and the font added to meta.

It looks like something has happened during copying the font to the cache(server or client). ?

You could try to convert the font to OTF format. (there are websites that can convert fonts)

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