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Hey guys,


So me and my friends are working on a new mta RP server and we "hired" a dev to help us on some bugg fixes and etc, so now he put in some sort of script or something that makes him unbannble/un jailable so even the owner who has every right can't put him in jail. Do you guys have any idea where he coud have placed this sript or something? Your help woud be really appreciated thx in advance! 

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If the scripts are compiled you won't be able to read anything from the files when you open them in an editor.
If they are not compiled you could check all the files and use the "find" feature of your text editor to find his serial number somewhere in them.
He probably added his serial as an exclusion to everything.
If you find something suspicious you can post it here and we will tell you how to fix it.

BTW is the "admin" resource edited by him ?

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THX we managed to find it he didn't use a back door he just placed a dev rank above the owner and that is why we didn't manage to jail/bann him so we fixed it but thx for you help :)

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