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Need help too ;-)

Guest Jossel

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I have a problem with the MTA 0.5.

The server is running but when i try to start the geme after i have connected i get an error:

"Unhandled Exception: c0000005

At Address: 00652f30"

After that i get an error with my .exe.

cann someone help me please? :-)

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You get a crash at the address 652f30 when starting the game.

This is caused by having the incorrect GXT file. To fix this, copy all the gxt files from the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\TEXT folder except the "american.gxt" into the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\MTA folder. You should also ensure you game language is set to english.

This was found under the known issues thread, hopefully it should help. More solutions can be found in that thread also for your own help.


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