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Increase the seat limit on vehicles ?(ptBR = Como Aumentar o limite de assentos nos veículos ?)

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I'm new to programming, and I'm the founder of an MTA ROLEPLAY server. And I really need this script, but here in Brazil, I still haven't seen anyone touch on this subject. Anyone who can help / use it, I am very grateful, because I don't even know where to start. Thanks for listening.

Sou novo em programação, e sou fundador de um servidor de MTA ROLEPLAY. E preciso muito desse script, mas aqui no Brasil, eu ainda não vi ninguém tocar nesse assunto. Quem puder ajudar/ensinar, eu agradeço demais, pois não sei nem por onde começar. Obrigado pela atenção.

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You can't.


But you can use your imagination.


Tip : attach the player to vehicle and set the alpha 0 to him and without collisions and set the player camera to vehicle.

Maybe work.

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