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Please Unban me


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I was banned for DDOS but at first I was banned from just one server for cheating that I didn't do but ok I was banned for like 3 months ant then that 3 months passed and I got banned from whole MTA for DDOS that I didn't do because I was offline and nobody uses this laptop besides me

Serial 0DD1F95E4F2E91136D272EA583332894


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Hey, don't lie. You are Soapbosnia and know perfectly well about the DDoS attacks and other detrimental activity that you engaged in, for which you got permanently banned and are no longer welcome on MTA. It has all been discussed between us, so don't come here acting like you are a random user that got surprised by a random ban.

Additionally, you're here for being annoying that you cannot play with your laptop, but i just discovered you recently evaded a bunch of times with different PC's - now all banned, and measures were put in place to prevent further ban evading.

MTA protects its innocent users and servers against malicous people like yourself, ban appeal denied.

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