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How to get a random choice from a table with Chances defined?


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So , first of all we have a table from choices available



choices = {

    "First Item", -- index 1

    "Second Item", -- index 2

    "Third Item", -- index 3



what we should do if we wanna make another table that has the 70% Chance to get the "First Item" and 15% Chance for "Second Item" and 15% for "Third Item" ?

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Hi. A solution if you give weight to items, so 1 weight = 1% chance.

local totalWeight = 100 -- SUM of weights

-- IMPORTANT, add items in ascending order by weights
local choices = {
    {"Second item", 15},
    {"Third item", 15},
    {"First item", 70},

function getRandomChoice()
    local randomWeight = math.random(totalWeight) -- get a random weight (between 1-100)
    -- loop trough table, and find which item is at the random weight. (for example, at the 20th position is "Third item")
    for i, choice in ipairs(choices) do
        if randomWeight <= choice[2] then
            return choice[1]
        randomWeight = randomWeight - choice[2]

I hope you understand it, but there is a video, it's C# but maybe helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUlxP4rZap0

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