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Vertex is a point that makes up triangles. Vortex is a vehicle. Important to know!

Here's a quick guide on rendering lighting into vertex colors. It uses the VertexPaint modifier, which is the same interface that you would use for manually painting vertices or faces. It's much like any other brush painting interface, should be fairly self explanatory.


For exporting vertex colors, it depends on the plugin that you use. If Kam's, enable 'VC' and 'NVC'. If The Hero's, enable 'Vertex prelights', 'Light flag' and 'Extra vertex colors'.

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Ok, this should demonstrate how to resolve the night lighting and collision problem. The next time that you work with world objects please use The Hero's DFF plugin, as it produces a lot better quality DFF. If the collision repair trick does not resolve your issue, please install Goldfish's scripts. Under its utilities, run export_steve_col_script. This clears up any zero-faced geometry.


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