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[HELP]How to change name gamemode ?


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20 minutes ago, carolsconery said:


Thank you for replying to a friend, which I am confused about. Should I put it in the folder where friends?

I don't quite understand what you said. But I guess you wanted to refer to where to put the line I gave you above.
1. Create a .lua file
2. Put setGameType ("Your gamemode name") in the .lua file
3. And in meta.xml put <script src = "filename.lua" type = "server" />

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9 hours ago, Hydra said:

Saya tidak begitu mengerti apa yang Anda katakan. Tapi saya kira Anda ingin merujuk ke mana harus meletakkan baris yang saya berikan di atas.
1. Buat file .lua
2. Letakkan setGameType ("Your gamemode name") di file .lua
3. Dan di meta.xml letakkan <script src = "filename.lua" type = "server" />

Before that, I want to tell you, I'm not good at using English. And thank you for telling me how to friends, I was very helped by your answer.

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